Lao keyboard Privacy Policy


This is the privacy policy for Lao keyboard, the way to use our product, limitation of using, the source of installing and the right that you have on this keyboard.

Free to use
  • This product is an official Lao keyboard for iOS 8 and above. It developed under the cooperation project between Lao government and Viettel group from Vietnam. Our formal purpose is to facilitate Lao people to be able to type Lao text or share information in Lao. Therefore, any Lao (or interesting) people can use this keyboard anytime, anywhere for free.
  • Please do not sale or make any profits from this keyboard.
Sharing user information
  • Users can install Lao keyboard without providing your personal information (or email address), thus, we will not record or share your data to any third party.
Limitation of using the keyboard
  • No limited to use.